Student employment

MU employs students through regular part-time jobs and through the Federal Work Study Program. Jobs typically are 10 to 15 hours per week, with wages varying by position and skill level.

Student employees receive regular biweekly payroll checks. These funds are not applied to a student's MU account and are not listed as pending aid on the university's billing statement.

Federal Work Study

The MU Office of Student Financial Aid is responsible for the initial awarding of Federal Work Study to eligible students. This opportunity is awarded to students who:

The MU Career Center administers the actual placement of Federal Work Study students. Only students who have completed the following are eligible to select a work study position.

  1. Accepted their Federal Work Study award in MyZou
  2. Submitted all required documents listed in the to do list
  3. Completed verification if selected

After selecting a work study position, students may be required to interview with that corresponding department. Selecting a position does not guarantee the student will be hired for that position.

If you have been selected for verification and the Financial Aid Office has not completed the verification process or has not received all necessary documents, you will receive a “File Incomplete” message when you try to select a position.

Non-work study jobs

If you have not received a Federal Work Study award, you may still work in a campus position that does not require a FAFSA or financial need.

Campus job openings for students not receiving Federal Work Study are available through:


Bi-weekly earnings are distributed directly to the student by direct deposit into a bank account. Your Federal Work Study award cannot be applied directly to your university bill.